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What is the cheapest Free zone in the UAE?

Finding the cheapest free zone in UAE is a challenging task as you have to consider several factors before making the decision to set up your business.

Setting up your business in Dubai Free zone has its own benefits, predominantly in terms of costs. Though, costs differ by free zone i.e. it depends on which free zone you prefer to set up your business in. In addition to that, the cost of setting up in a free zone also relies on the leading business model, nature, structure, and a number of visas required.

The following factors are essential to be checked to ensure you have a fair comparison of all the free zones for starting a business set up:

· Single-time fee for registering a business in the Dubai

· Single-time fee for name-reservation

· An yearly fee for a business license

· An yearly fee for Space

· Visa fee per person

Launchpad co-working FZCO service provider company linked with Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority Free zone and gives good competition in the market on the cheapest Free zone service provider company offering in the UAE (License Fee AED 7,500, No Mandate Visa, 100% Ownership License). This company offers a cost-effective option for start-ups and entrepreneurs to start their business establishments. Launchpad co-working the community has been formed with an aspiration to create a dependable, harmonious, and a professional environment for businesses and individuals alike.

Set up a company at free of processing cost in Dubai Silicon Oasis Free zone, Dubai, UAE, only the Launchpad co-working FZCO company can make this possible, which has no processing fees, no PRO service fees, no documentation fees, no admin fees. And with the processional experts’ team in the company, you will get the business license in 5 simple steps.

Launchpad co-working FZCO the license offers a business-friendly platform and a suitable work from home solution to its customers.

Launchpad CoWorking FZCO in association with Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority gives you access to any professional license activities.

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